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Well, might as well! ^.^

Hey guys! Here's an intro-post for me!

My name is Aly, and I'm sixteen. I live in Connecticut, and I'm a junior in high school. I met Usa when I was... thirteen or fourteen, maybe, through a mutual friend. Umm, I'm really into sewing and designing my own clothes, and I hate wearing things that I buy from a store (I'd much rather have made/altered them, or been given them as gifts). My favorite subjects in school are Japanese and Art. I go to a magnet school called the Center for Global Studies, and I've been studying Japanese language and world literature there for about three years. Next year I'm hopefully going to be taking Arabic language and history, too, and maybe Chinese, but I doubt I'd be able to handle three different languages, hehe. I've been to Japan twice, and am hopefully going to go again this year and next year. When I go to college, I'm hoping to attend FIT (in New York City) for fashion design, but I don't know if I'd be able to get in, haha.

I've been cosplaying for, like, four or five years, I think. My first con was Otakon, and since then I've gone every year, but I've been to about thirteen cons (I think?). I've always wanted to do a Sailor Moon cosplay, and I'm sooo happy that now I'll be able to! I just have dye my hair green XDD. I mean, I want to, but I'm trying to convince my parents/friends/boyfriend that it'd look good on me XDD;;;. Personality-wise, I don't really think I'm like Michiru, but I guess if I had to choose one of the Senshi to compare myself to, I guess it'd be her ^_^;;;; She's like my idol XDD. She's so pretty and graceful and talented and... *siiiigh*

EDIT: Nevermind! The cast got switched up, and... now I'm Sailor StarHealer instead of Sailor NEptune XD. Oops? XP

Um. Anyway XD. I think I've rambled enough. Now for a picture? :D

Image hosted by

XDD Look! I look like ChibiUsa! Except not at all, but... shh XD

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd here's my Michi-pic:
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*cookies to anyone who actually read this far XDD*
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